Monday, October 19, 2009

Orgasmic Birth

When you think of birth, what pops in your mind?

Something so painful it is unbearable? I don't suppose you think of orgasms. Today I came upon the below abc documentary on orgasmic births. I was so happy after seeing this video because it shows that birth can be a (gasp) pleasurable experience.
I feel fortunate to have a mother and sisters who view birth as something to look forward to, a right of passage, as a positive experience. However, I have learned how afraid so many women are of birth. It is looked at as something painful, dangerous and scary. The media has been encouraging this view of birth for decades. There are many ways birth can happen, and I hope this video can help shed a little bit of light to the options available.

Watch and enjoy,


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  1. Annika, great post! I love the topic of natural birth, midwifery, etc, and I really loved this post. Keep up the excellent work!